Hot air balloon flight


The Pinson’s hot-air balloon has been riding the winds for 20 years now. Flying by his side is a passionate and high-altitude way of taking in the whole beauty of four departments : « Gironde, Charente-Maritime, Charente and Deux-Sèvres ». From « Marais poitevin » marshlands to the Gironde estuary, drift above the Atlantic Coast is an unforgettable maiden flight. Winner of the Grand Prix Charente-Maritime for the high quality of experience it provides, the Pinson is the perfect way of stepping into a mid-way world between sea and sky…


Coming from Charente-Maritime, The Pinson very early made coastal flights its specialty. Exceptional excursions he may suggest to you, on Atlantic coastline, are magical. Whatever the explored destination, you are amazed by the landscapes you may discover. Requiring a great technicality, he is the French pilot to be able to offer you these sublime baptisms in complete security.

« Gironde » Hot-air balloon estuary

The flight over estuary Gironde is an extraordinary moment suggested to live by The Pinson. To realize from one part to the other its crossing in hot-air balloon is a real prowess. From the nacelle, in an unprecedented way, you can admire the choregraphy of the water and ground that characterizes this stunning ecosystem. You will enjoy a breathtaking journey, over mosaic of landscapes make up of coastal marshes, cliffs limestone, troglodyte sites, lighthouses, wine-making Castles and classified areas. Le Verdon, Cordouan, Talmont, Meschers, are so many steps that will amaze you and make your itinerary so exceptional.

Flight of exception 590€/pers

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montgolfière estuaire gironde

« Royan » Hot-air balloon

Snuggled up between the « Côte Sauvage » and the Gironde estuary, Royan is the must-see seaside resort for a memorable hot-air balloon ride. To create an unforgettable memory, The Pinson selects for you breathtaking take-off sites. If North-winds accompany you, you will rise up from the « Abbaye de Sablonceaux », a very beautiful spiritual whole 12th century, cahracteristic of « Roman » art. By dry and windy weather, you fly away from beaches to savor the sun blazing colors and take advantage of an point of view of the coast.

Costal Flight from 260€/pers

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montgolfière royan

« Marennes-Oléron » Hot-air balloon

Do you dream escaping in an exceptional natural setting ? The « Marennes-Oléron » hot-air balloon flight is your destination. Throughout your baptism, you will travel between land and sea, with a fantastic view over beautiful beaches, wild nature, remarkable oyster and military heritage. From the sky, the clear ones constitute a fascinating patchwork of sparkling mirrors, in which is reflected a wonderful light. The island also shelters varied fauna, including many species of protected birds that you can observe in any lightness. You also get up the privilege to approach « Fort Boyard », majestic stone ship ; you will adore it.

Costal Flight from 260€/pers

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« Blaye » Hot-air balloon

The « Blaye » hot-air balloon flight allows you to observe the « Citadel », « Fort Médoc » and « Fort Pâté », the three imposing fortifications that make up the « Fort Vauban » in the most majestic way. This french unique triptych, from the seventeenth century, intended to protect Bordeaux, appears to you from the nacelle, under a new angle. You also discover the Blaye vineyards, sublime colors you appreciate all year round. The estuary is once again at the heart of your cruise : for you, The Pinson makes its plural islands accessible to singular stories.

Costal Flight from 260€/pers

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Inland, The Pinson also offers an attractive map of authentic hot-air balloons baptisms. Saintes, Cognac, Saint-Jean-d’Angély are all nuggets of the « Saintonge » territory, unavoidable for a perfect discovery of this part of the country. As for the « Marais Poitevin », it forms a particularly poetic and bucolic set : its labyrinth of canals constitues an ideal frame to disorient you.

« Marais poitevin » Hot-air balloon

The hot-air balloon flight « Marais Poitevin » takes you to the dreamlands. The Pinson makes you fly over a large part of its 100.000 hectares of canals and interlaced nature, cleverly carved by man. You may admire the « Venise Verte » with its luxuriant vegetation and its thousands leaks, that endlessly reveal their shade of green, the dried swamp, its meadows and its cereal crops, and the « Baie de l’Aiguillon » that combining mudflats and salt meadows. The melody of grumbling water, the leaves’s rustle, and the song’s birds will certainly fully satisfy the lovers of nature.

Authentic Flight from 230€/pers

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« Cognac » Hot-air balloon 

The baptism in hot-air balloon « Cognac » allows you to appreciate the cradle of the famous eponym beverage, today sent toward nearly 160 foreign countries. From the sky, river, countryside, vineyard and lodging house come to light, heart of this so renowned soil. You see that the architectural imprint left by powerful traders is considerable. Mansions are numerous and of varied styles. For the finest noses, this flight is the opportunity to smell the part of Angels, a pure pleasure of the senses. Thanks to this flight, it is an initiatory journey to the discovery of magical waters you may realize.

Authentic Flight from 230€/pers

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montgolfière cognac

« Saintes » Hot-air balloon

Saintes, the capital of roman « Aquitaine and Saintonge » lands, labeled « City of art and history », conceals many hidden treasures. The « Saintes » hot-air balloon flight invites you to appreciate them. Its Germanicus imposing arch, its magnificent amphitheater, its churches and its beautiful « Abbaye aux Dames », offer themselves to you in an admirable way. City of great light, Saintes also seduces by the whiteness of facades of its beautiful architectural set. Comfortably settled in your flying balcony, you may contemplate with majesty the heritage of a refined city with undeniable charm.

Authentic Flight from 230€/pers

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montgolfiere Saintes

« Saint-Jean-d’Angély » Hot-air balloon

The Pinson brings you up to meet the holdings of the ancient capital of « Basse-Saintonge », arisen from the religious fervor during Middle Ages and Cognac trade, then. Overhanging narrow medieval streets ans half-timbered houses, the « Tour de l’Horloge », symbol of old communal liberties, the city hall, elegant 19th century building, and the majesty of its « Abbaye Royale ». According to legend, dedicated to the glory of Saint-John the Baptist, it held its badge relic. Saint-Jean-d’Angély is a charming town, in the center of the preserved territory of the « Saintonge Dorée ».

Authentic Flight from 230€/pers

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The Pinson is available for any special request about your hot-air balloon flight, of course. He may organize a magnificent gathering, an unforgettable wedding party or an unusual birthday present that you will remember for a long time. Contact us and we will answer any question you may have.